In a world where technology shapes our future, Portugal stands ready at the forefront of advancement.  

Portugal Tech Week’s mission is to foster a culture of creativity and technological access across the entire country, inspiring unity and empowerment. We aspire to ignite a movement all over our nation in an ongoing celebration of progress and innovation, a testament to the power of collective collaboration and imagination.

Uniting Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators

PTW exists to serve as a rallying point for professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Through conferences, workshops, and exhibitions, we want to foster collaboration, spark creativity, and drive progress.

Transformative Hub

We exist to transform Portugal into a dynamic hub of technological innovation, to ignite a nationwide conversation, infusing the spirit of innovation.

Nurturing Future Leaders

We are committed to nurturing and cultivating Portugal’s startup, technology and innovation ecosystem, propelling it onto the global stage.

Decentralized and Inclusive

We want to be accessible to all, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or location, can participate, learn, and contribute to the digital revolution.

Driving Positive Impact

We aim to generate a positive impact towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future, bringing new meaning into people’s lives. 

Meaningful Experiences

Through the creation of unforgettable experiences blending art, technology, and creativity, we aim to captivate minds and hearts, enriching lives and shaping a vibrant future.

Let’s embrace innovation for a journey of discovery and transformation.






From 12/11 – 22/11 PTW will gather events related to tech, innovation and creativity from all over Portugal. PTW 22 gathered +100 events in 9 cities, becoming one of the largest innovation festivals worldwide!


Anyone in the community can submit an event, as long as it follows our events guideline.



If the event is approved, we will showcase the organizers as “community partners” on our main page.



For everybody, individuals, professionals, startup, tech profile, investors, everybody is welcome to be part of PTW Community.

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Empowering Portugal's Startup Community from the Ground Up

351 was born in 2019 as an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, startup founders and ecosystem players. Since then, we have become the largest startup community in Portugal with over 1000 active members and multiple weekly initiatives.

To better support our members and grow the startup ecosystem in Portugal, we have now become an Association. But our DNA and our mission remains unchanged.

More information about 351 here or you can reach us through this email.