Open Coffee Lisbon – Web Summit Special

Open Coffee Lisbon – Web Summit Special – note the additional requirements .

Given that we sell out, even without the Web Summit we are implementing “door policy” of giving priority to those who a) volunteer and b) demonstrate some other kind of value.

What is ☕ Open Coffee? It is a friendly informal networking event for entrepreneurs, professionals, expats, people in the startup community, and students.⁣ We have evolved to create highly efficient, useful inclusive and fun events, since the Open Coffee Club was launched by Skype co-founder Saul Klein many years ago

As well as registering here, please also do so on Meetup here post your contact details and a link to your Linkedin and/webpage in the event discussion. People who do not post/register may not get in as we expect excess demand given the Web Summit.

⁣⁣What is the BIG idea behind Open Coffee ❓

Watch this or read the

blog post that goes with it. We want to help people creating useful business connections.⁣ Everyone is welcome to our meetings, and we especially love first-timers.⁣

⁣We want to make sure that if somebody coming from an unsupportive background/country has the courage to join, they will notice that we are glad they came because we welcome them.⁣

Everyone who comes is important and gets 1-2 minutes to present their idea.⁣⁣

We usually use this structure, to make it easy for everybody:⁣

1. Who you are⁣

2. What are you doing⁣

3. What you need⁣

4. How you can help others⁣

If you feel shy, you can also just listen but we encourage you to talk. 💭⁣

Each attendee can also get to show their LinkedIn page or website through our channels and showcase their idea.⁣

The structured part of the meetup starts at 9:30 sharp (you are welcome to come earlier and grab a cup of coffee) and close at 10:30.⁣ After the ending of the official program, we encourage everyone to stay for as long as they want to talk to other people, and find out more about the projects that interest them.⁣

This event is based on the highly successful Open Coffee Krakow format, run by Richard Lucas others in Krakow Poland since 2013 If you want to help and get involved in making this gathering a regular part of the Lisbon eco-system please let us know by filling in this form

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When you sign up to our events we add you to our mailing list so we can tell you about more free events run by volunteers . If you don’t want us to do that don’t give us your email. If you change your mind you can leave the Substack mailing list at any time.

Thanks to 351 and Capital Factory Lisboa

Organizer: Richard Lucas


  • Date : November 14, 2023
  • Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Europe/Lisbon)
  • Venue : Startup Lisboa, Lisboa -