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Mensagem - Restaurante e Bar Panorâmico 8 Rua da Oliveira ao Carmo 1200-309 Lisboa

VR/AR Association Portugal Executive Dinner

The VR/AR Association Portugal will be hosting an executive dinner event on November 16th, during

sitio Work Alvalade, Lisboa - Lisboa

Open Day – SITIO Alvalade – Lisboa Innovation Spots | Web Summit 2023

Join us in SITIO Alvalade for Open Day - Lisboa Innovation Hubs. Discover this hot

Kübe Coworking - R. do Centro Cultural 27A, 1700-106 Lisboa

Unveiling Portugal’s Blockchain Revolution: CV VC Portugal Blockchain Report

Experience an evening of discovery as we delve into Portugal’s thriving blockchain ecosystem. This annual

Alameda dos Oceanos 21101F, 1990-225 Lisboa 1990-225 Lisboa

Lisbon Founders Breakfast Networking

🌟 Web Summit attendees! Jumpstart your day at our exclusive entrepreneurial breakfast focused on networking.

Seed Real Estate - Rua Luciano Cordeiro 109B 1150-103 Lisboa

Crypto and Real Estate: Hype or Harmony?

Join us on November 9th for a captivating discussion on whether Crypto and Real Estate

Poolside Lisbon, Rua Acácio de Paiva, 21A, 1700-003 Lisboa

Web3 Splash #3: From Web3 to World Domination

Time for Round 3 of Web3 Splash at Poolside Lisbon, with Bianca Pham, Chief Product

Afi+ Network

Blockchain Infrastructure : BUILDing Towards a SCALEable Future

We invite you to CryptoMondays Lisbon and ​​Neon EVM ETH Lisbon closing event! Join for networking and

Poolside, Lisboa - Lisboa

Innovation Tracks – Emerging Technologies : Web3

This track will address topics related to Emerging Techs in the form of panels and

Avenida da Liberdade 245 - 7th Floor Office A

DeFi Strategies: Yield Farming and Options Workshop

We will discuss real Farming strategies and the latest updates in DeFi Yields also, we

LX Factory

CryptoMondays x ICP x Newconomics Party: Building Human-Centric Ecosystems NOV 13

As technology becomes more integrated into various industries, the impact of innovation on the society