A Monumental Gathering: Portugal Tech Week Hosts Over 200 Innovative Events

A Monumental Gathering: Portugal Tech Week Promotes Over 200 Innovative Events

Portugal is poised to celebrate the spirit of innovation like never before with the upcoming Portugal Tech Week (PTW). This isn’t merely an event; it’s a festival that showcases the vibrant startup culture thriving in Portugal’s entrepreneurial landscape. Orchestrated by the pioneering 351 Portuguese Startup Association, PTW heralds a new era of opportunity and collaboration, boasting a staggering array of over 200 events on its roster.

A Tapestry of Innovation Spanning Portugal (Nov 12 – 22)

Embark on a journey through Portugal as PTW unfolds a tapestry of more than 200 events, predominantly free, and weaves them across the scenic landscapes of ten Portuguese districts. From the traditional charm of Lisbon’s iconic Yellow Trams to the innovative spaces of leading tech companies, PTW transforms the entire country into a vibrant hub for startups, investors, and tech aficionados.

Spotlight on Startups & Investment

Elétrico Pitch: Watch as startups pitch their visions to a panel of top-tier international investors aboard Lisbon’s historic trams, vying for a €5,000 prize.

VC Slam: A matchmaking endeavour where startups and venture capital funds converge, fostering dialogue, feedback, and the prospect of investment.

Empowerment through Scholarships

Mexoxo Scholarships: PTW, in partnership with Mexoxo, paves the way for women in tech with scholarships to Cornell University’s entrepreneurship courses.

Santander’s Becas: Together with Santander Portugal, PTW is set to reskill over a thousand individuals, easing their transition into the tech sector.

International Outreach and Support

A suite of initiatives like the Matchmaking Tool, Ecosystem Masterclasses and Innovation Tracks, backed by Startup Portugal and Lisboa Unicorn Capital, offers foreign startups a unique gateway into the Portuguese ecosystem.

Conferences, Summits, and Networking Extravaganzas

With exclusive events like the Startup Genome’s 2023 Ecosystem Leaders Forum and the 13th edition of The Europas, PTW is a fertile ground for policy makers and Europe’s most ambitious startups to converge and celebrate their successes.

Hackathons, Coworking, and Revelry

Geekaton: Dive into Portugal’s largest Hackathon, themed around the future of AI in development.

Coworking Days: Experience collaborative work environments in the offices of tech giants like Microsoft and Santander.

Estonia Aftersauna & The Europas Afterparty: From insightful discussions to legendary parties, networking takes a front seat.

Exclusive Perks for Founders

Startups with a presence in Portugal stand to gain from a substantial €700,000 perks pool, courtesy of collaborations with large tech corporations.

Easing Travel with Discounts

In a bid to encourage participation across multiple cities, PTW has partnered with the main Portuguese train company to offer a 30% discount on inter-city travel.

Mário Rosa, from the PTW/351 Portuguese Startup Association, shares the excitement: “It’s incredible to witness such a dense and varied array of events. PTW is not just a festival; it’s a movement, bolstered by the support of several municipalities and the engagement of over 16,000 visitors last month alone, solidifying our status as one of the largest decentralized innovation festivals globally.”

Portugal Tech Week is more than an event; it’s a landmark achievement in the realm of global tech festivals. As the event prepares to kick off, participants can explore the extensive list of main initiatives & events here and discover all events on the PTW platform here.

Join us as we navigate this unprecedented celebration of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation at Portugal Tech Week.

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